Thursday, August 9, 2012



Hyeeee.. how are u all? lagi seminggu lebey lagi nak raya kan?? 
excited x? heheee..

Okay just a quick one, wanna share my upcoming projects and wedding works for after raya...and also for my own reminder, and for bagi semangat utk meneruskan perjuangan..ecewah haha... These are mostly sumer untuk RMWW Handbouquet Promo and ada sket2 yg lain mcm hantaran, deco and mini pelamin. hope sumer dipermudahkan n hope sumer client puashati with my works...Thanks so much for your trust babes..! :)

note: all not my pics ok, sumer ni pics for reference and inspiration of the upcoming projects..
*credit pic Mr Oogley (Google) and clients'ref pics*


Credit pelamin photos from KerjaKahwin, SafyanaWeddingConstruction, Rendabelleza, WhatALovelyWedding...gorgeous aren't they? They're are just for reference and inspiration-xde la nak tiru bulat2..hehee.. ;)

Insyallah pelamin akan kickstart next year.. start with mini pelamin n simple hall pelamins with deco... Hope all goes well.. Ya Allah permudahkan lah urusan dan murahkan lah rezeki kami.. Aminnnn.. :)

Thursday, August 2, 2012



aka mascot handbouquet RMWW.. thanks for the review darling.. :)

Ahem, Salam all...

Alhamdulillah, tq  all for ur tremendous support and sambutan yg baik untuk my handbouquet promo ni.. i will try my best to fulfill ur dream handbouquets.. 
and FYI sepatutnyer kelmarin (31st July) promo ends..
anddddd nowwwww........
it's back by demand..! haha.. tak sangka after promo dah close pun masih ada yg masih contact nak grab promo tu.... tq so much ladies.. so dgn baik hati nyer i extend until 15th August yer..hehehee... ;)

So gals, wutcha waiting for? Grab your handbouquets now.. ;)

ok daaa~